Your Neighborhood Veterinarian

Your family vet in Tuckerton is passionate about providing a comfortable environment for you and your pet to enjoy when you come in for your visit. Our office is always warm and welcoming, and you can count on excellent customer service when you bring your pet in for their annual checkup. We actively participate in the community and surrounding areas because your pet’s health is directly impacted by their day-to-day activities. We are passionate about improving the quality of our environment and creating a safe place for your animal to grow and thrive. We love feedback and suggestions on how we could better participate in our community, so we encourage you to bring local events and fundraisers to our attention.


Our team is dedicated to improving your experience with us every time. You can trust that you will never have a cold, corporate experience with us when your pet requires medical care. Every visit to Southern Ocean Animal Hospital is guided by our core values: attentive patient care and high-quality veterinary services. We will never try to sell you expensive and unnecessary treatments or surprise you with outrageous medical bills. We strive for open communication with clients so that we can meet your expectations regarding your pet’s veterinary care.


When you visit Dr. Pascetta, you’ll feel like family! Every patient that comes into Southern Ocean Animal Hospital is treated like one of our own. Our expert veterinarians go out of their way to build personal relationships with each one of our clients and their pets. Dr. Pascetta is committed to following the tradition of quality veterinary care that Dr. Robert Pointsett started when he opened this clinic 37 years ago. You can trust that you will never be just a number here at your Tuckerton family vet. Every client and their beloved pet is treated with the utmost care and respect so that they can feel comfortable with their veterinary care. We are so grateful for our loyal clients who make every day worthwhile. We are proud to continue our great legacy of excellent family veterinary care in the community and beyond!


Get To Know Your Family Vet, Dr. Dan Pascetta!

Dr. Pascetta is proud to be your Tuckerton family veterinarian! Southern Ocean Animal Hospital is proud to provide exceptional veterinary care to animals in the Tuckerton area and beyond! Dr. Pascetta recently decided to move to West Creek with his wife Megan and their daughter Hannah so that he could better serve the community from within. The team at Southern Ocean Animal Hospital is proud to serve the community through hands-on service and personalized care. You can trust that your pet will always be treated like family when they visit their veterinarian in Tuckerton. Does your pet require an advanced medical procedure or even just a simple check-up? Dr. Pascetta is dedicated to providing the highest-quality services to help your pet feel their best!


Some of our services and amenities include:


Modern Equipment

Southern Ocean Animal Hospital uses the most advanced veterinary equipment currently available in the pet-wellness industry. We know that our patients deserve the best possible care, so we aim to keep our office up-to-date on all modern equipment and innovative veterinary treatments. Your family vet in Tuckerton is committed to providing advanced veterinary treatments and effective procedures that can help your pet feel happy and healthy. Part of providing quality treatments is keeping prices affordable. We believe that veterinary care should be accessible to all animals, so we do what we can to keep costs low without compromising the integrity of our services. Ask your family vet in Tuckerton about how your pet’s services can be accommodated to suit their needs.


Dental Care for Your Dog

Your family vet offers doggie dentistry services to help your pup have healthy teeth and gums! Dogs need dental care just like humans do because they can be left at risk for gum disease and oral-related health concerns. Periodontal disease is a common ailment in many dogs because their teeth and gums don’t always get the attention they require. Your dog’s oral health is directly related to their organ function, so it is essential that they get the dental care that they need. Schedule a visit with your family vet so that your pup can get a proper dental cleaning.


We are proud to serve South Jersey by providing excellent veterinary care to all animals within our community! If you require quality veterinary care in the Tuckerton area, check out your family veterinarian here at Southern Ocean Animal Hospital!