Laser Therapy

Our veterinary hospital is proud to be one of the few locations that offer laser therapy for cats and dogs in our community. Laser therapy is a non-surgical alternative to traditional surgery. It is a pain-free and drug-free treatment that uses a high-powered laser-light to penetrate into your pet’s skin. This non-invasive procedure has a faster and easier recovery time than traditional surgery. The laser stimulates the metabolic process and cellular energy, leading to a more effective and successful outcome.
Laser therapy can relieve the following symptoms:
Hip Dysplasia
Degenerative Joint Disease
Ligament/Muscle/Tendon Tears
Anal Glands
General Pain Management
The following skin issues can be treated with the use of laser therapy:
Lick Granulomas
Hot Spots
Otitis Externa
Laser therapy requires multiple visits to be successful. After the first session, most cases already see an improvement. As treatment progresses, pain medication is often eliminated from treatment due to the success of therapy. With more sessions, mobility is improved and pain is reduced.
Laser therapy is ideal for treating specific ailments but can also help alleviate other conditions. Treatable conditions include:
• Wounds
• Bites
• Abrasions
• Burns and Lesions
• Soft Tissue Injuries
• Surgical Procedures
• Dental Procedures
Laser treatment is a unique and custom process designed by the unique needs of each animal. Your veterinarian will take the time to get to know your pet personally and understand exactly how your pet can benefit from laser therapy. A laser therapy session is about 20 minutes, but it can vary depending on the needs of the patient. The number of sessions depends on the reason for treatment.
Some issues may require daily sessions depending on severity. Chronic issues can benefit from laser treatments in a “3-2-1” sequence. This means that they will receive three sessions in a week, then two, then one. With monitoring, your veterinarian will be able to determine if any additional treatments are required.
Consult with your Tuckerton veterinarian to learn if your pet is a candidate for laser therapy.